How to find the right financial coach for you.


Tips for finding the right financial coach for you!

When you are looking for a financial coach, there are a few key characteristics that you want to look for. No coach can be the right fit for every person, and that’s okay! However, there are a few considerations to make before selecting a financial coach to work with.

First, are they qualified? In the extremely regulated financial industry, coaching is quite unregulated. The truth is, anyone can call themselves a coach without having any training or experience. And, some companies will offer “free” coaching with an agenda to sell costly and poor quality financial products.

I selected the rigorous training through Ramsey Solutions and met their criteria to be listed as a Ramsey Preferred Coach. I want to be fully equipped to serve my clients, and I also wanted to be trained by a top-notch organization that shares my perspective on the role that money plays in our lives. That means I emphasize eliminating debt and building a foundation for wealth building, staying focused on one goal at a time, and helping you to gain clarity around how God is leading you to use your financial resources. I also do not sell any financial products as I want you to be assured that I am providing objective advice that is in your best interest.

Second, does the coach share your values? This is important because where we spend and invest our money says a lot about what our values are! You want to be sure that your coach will honor your values and faith. As a Christian financial coach, one of my greatest joys is to help my clients make their budget work so that they can continue to tithe and give as they feel called, even if they are working hard to pay off debt. Money is not about numbers, it’s about priorities. The ultimate goal of excellent money management is to align your money with what those priorities are.

Third, are you ready to commit to the coaching process? I know, this criteria is more about you than the coach. But the reality is that no one else but YOU can make the changes to see transformation. Even the best personal trainers in the world can’t burn calories for their fitness clients! Before you select a coach, make sure you’re ready to do the work. I’m there to cheer you on, help you when you get stuck, and break everything down into bite-sized action steps. I’m looking for clients who are committed, who want to be held accountability, and who are ready to transform their finances so they can fully embrace their purpose. If that’s you, then I look forward to talking with you soon!