Financial Coaching Services


is financial coaching right for me?

Imagine waiting another year to get around to taking charge of your money. Imagine shuffling through life paycheck to paycheck, living with the stress of not having a clear vision and concrete plan for how to use it. Where will you be this time next year? How will your life have changed?

Now imagine only three months from now, you have a working spending plan that gives you freedom, the stress of dealing with money on a daily basis is gone, and you feel confident about your future. You have a defined system for saving money, and you’re seeing wealth build. You’re able to give generously and joyfully. You feel passionate and excited about your current financial goal. You have clarity about your values, and your financial habits align with the way God is leading you.

Here are some of the outcomes you can expect:

  • A personalized budget that works for your life

  • A priority-based system for saving money intentionally

  • Debt elimination plan (if applicable)

  • A clear WHY for winning with money

  • Accountability and ongoing guidance between sessions

  • A framework for making big financial decisions

  • A giving plan so that you can live and give in freedom

  • Tools to make money communication with your spouse positive and fun

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