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Lauren Rilling, Financial Coach

After paying off my college loan, I was determined never to be in debt again. And then I decided to attend grad school. It felt impossible to make it through- on a teacher’s salary- without going into debt. However, with my husband’s unwavering support, a budget in place, and a plan to pay all $30,000 in two and a half years, we did it.

We weren’t perfect by any means, but as John Maxwell would say, when we fell, we fell forward. We learned from mistakes. We adapted to new jobs, twin babies, fluctuations in income, a new city… just about every major life change one can experience, we went through it in that time.

And through it all, having a budget and staying focused on the goal is what enabled us to cross the finish line of grad school without debt. It was an amazing feeling of freedom, and one I wanted all my friends and family to experience.

As a result, I began reading personal finance books and coaching as a hobby, until it became clear this was what I was made to do.

I selected Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach Training (FCMT) for several reasons. 1- It aligns with my personal financial philosophy of stewardship, giving, and wealth-building. This is basically that our money belongs to God, money is a tool to use for the good of others in addition to providing for our own needs, and that debt is not a tool to be leveraged but a trap to be avoided. 2.FCMT is world-class, rigorous training, and is taught by the leading thinkers in personal finance who don’t sit around philosophizing about money, but actually live it out. 3. Many financial coaching curricula are developed by credit card companies, banks, and insurance companies. FCMT is completely independent, which means the program does not have an ulterior motive of selling financial products. This integrity was very important to me.

Since becoming a financial coach, I have had the honor of walking alongside couples and individuals whose stress has turned to joy, debt turned to freedom, and discouragement turned to hope!

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