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I was recently asked what the difference is between hiring a financial coach versus following the financial peace university workbook.

It’s a fair question that deserves a sincere answer, because for someone who has never worked with a coach, it can seem like a very expensive human version of a book.

But of course it’s not the same at all.

The thing about working with a coach is that you’re not hiring someone to tell you a bunch of information that you can get from a book, or even to explain how to manage your money better with some cool insider tips.

You’re hiring a financial coach for the same reasons elite athletes have coaches.

Elite athletes know they will only fulfill their potential with the right coach by their side.

They don’t think “I’m doing fine, so I can train on my own.” Instead they say “if I’m going to be the best I can be, I need a coach in my corner to help me reach my goals.”

Coaches do not invest their skill set and time in people who have decided they just want a few tips to get by. We are actually very selective about who we will work with because we care deeply about the results our clients get from working with us.

Having a financial coach on your team means having someone who will see your blind spots and make you aware of them and give you the right solution so you don’t keep stumbling into the same problems over and over.

It means having the accountability that we all need as human beings when we’re kicking out old habits and replacing them with the right ones.

It means having someone speak life giving truth so you can do more than you ever thought possible.

It means having constant emotional support through the ups and downs that any journey can be expected to bring.

It means knowing you have a trustworthy person to call when you have a big decision in front of you (because there is TOO much information out there to figure out how to know what to listen to).

It means you’re not just following a set of steps or plugging numbers into a spreadsheet but you are developing the mindset and thought process that equips and empowers you for a lifetime of financial wellness long after coaching sessions have ended.

The coaching relationship brings about personal transformation that sticks with you and pays a lifetime of dividends. The amazing financial results are a bonus.

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