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Coaching Services

I’ve created a variety of group and one-on-one coaching experiences to best meet your goals and life stage. Please email with any questions or schedule a consultation session at

Financial Transformation for Couples

Experience the transformative power of biblically-based financial coaching. If you and your spouse are sick of debt, tired of arguing with each other about money, and fed up with floating by paycheck to paycheck, then I invite you to join my 90 day financial transformation coaching program. You’ll not only acquire a foundation for financial wellness, but you’ll discover how the topic of money can make your marriage stronger and closer. You’ll gain insight to your and your spouse’s strengths to become a powerful team and learn how to use those strengths to reach your life goals. You’ll conclude the program with a plan to beat debt, a proven system to manage your money without stress in only minutes a month, and a positive outlook on your financial future.

What’s included: Eight weeks of step-by-step online content with corresponding assignments, three professional spending plan reviews and feedback by me, six group coaching calls, and three half-hour one-on-one coaching calls over the span of three months. Investment: $1200

One-on-One Coaching

You’re a leader in your workplace, in your church, in your community, and in your home. You want to create the biggest impact possible and you’ve got a lot of passion for life. You know that building wealth is about creating a life and legacy, not simply funding a lifestyle. And you want to know that you’re doing everything possible to reach your maximum potential and get fully aligned with God’s purpose for you. I coach individuals and couples who bring this desire to every session where we dive deep, in order to turn passion into action and ideas into insight. Along the way we’ll implement the appropriate financial strategies to bring alignment to your personal and professional objectives. For one-on-one coaching, schedule a consultation call here. Investment: starting at $3000

Financial Foundations

Most people spend their lives trying to build wealth before figuring out what to do with it. (And in the meantime, it usually gets spent!) That’s the backwards approach that results in financial stress and internal dissatisfaction. If you want real financial victory with a purpose-fueled mission that makes you feel alive, then you first need the four building blocks of a financial foundation: mindset, knowledge, skill, and vision. Financial Foundations is a program for people who are intentional about achieving long-term financial wellness and want to gain a solid foundation of positive financial habits. You will discover the keys to creating a wealth-building mindset, learn an effective yet simple money management system that will work regardless of your circumstances because it is able to be personalized to meet your needs. This program is ideal for young adults, engaged couples, or anyone who wants to learn the basic skills and key insights for successful money management.

What is included: The Financial Foundations course with four online self-paced lessons and corresponding assignments, one professional spending plan review and feedback by me, and six group coaching calls. Investment: $700