How many hundreds (or thousands) of dollars are you losing every month because you lack a plan for your money? How much could you be saving for your short and long-term goals? What would happen to your quality of life and relationships if you had a clear financial plan with life-changing solutions?

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What will I gain from financial coaching?

  • A personalized road map for your long and short-term goals. 

  • Practical solutions to the money challenges and stressors that are negatively affecting your quality of life.

  • A real person on your team who cares and will provide the support and accountability you're looking for.

  • Peace of mind that comes with having control over your money.

  • Money management habits that will serve you for a lifetime and allow you to build wealth wisely.

  • A more joyful life from integrating your faith with the way you manage money.

How does it work? 

We meet with Zoom, an online meeting platform, and you can email and call me with questions in between coaching sessions. The first session is a 90-minute strategy session in which I provide you with a comprehensive assessment, we discuss your goals, outline a customized plan together for what we will focus on in the next six months, and we build your budget together line by line. Subsequent sessions are 60 minutes. I also provide you with budgeting tools and other resources that I hand-pick for you, based on your lifestyle, goals, and personality.

What is my investment? 

This depends on your needs, preferences, and the complexity of your situation. A basic coaching plan starts with six months of coaching (1 session per month). At the end of the six months, some clients find this time is sufficient, some opt to continue with coaching for another six months, while others choose to meet quarterly for financial maintenance. 

Because the value of financial coaching is so much higher than the price, your investment pays for itself many times over. Considering the average person pays $2300 just for consumer debt interest every single year, the cost of not working with a coach is significantly higher.

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Client Testimonials

Lauren has helped me tremendously with organizing my finances, helping me develop confidence that I can control my spending habits, and has kept me accountable to my goals of being debt-free and using cash for purchases. I highly recommend working with Lauren if you are looking for support with managing your financial world." - Keith W. '
In two months I've paid off $5300 of student loans and saved $1000 for an emergency fund. I value Lauren's coaching method very much. She's thorough, non-judgmental, and understanding. - Kate S. 
We came to Lauren with three top financial goals: home ownership, paying off student loans, and increasing income. Lauren prepared specifically for our visit, providing tailor-made recommendations for how we might best address our fiscal challenges and still achieve our goals. She rightly encouraged us to pay off our student loan debt before taking on more debt, such as a mortgage. What separates Lauren from other financial coaches is her honesty, humility, and genuine commitment to her clients’ financial well-being. We left our first meeting with Lauren feeling encouraged by the possibility of being debt-free and excited about our financial future.” - Jason and Holly R.