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Coaching FAQs

I'll answer this question with a question: how committed are you to creating an optimal financial situation for yourself and your family? Olympic athletes don't wonder if they need a coach; their only question is "who is well-matched to be my coach?" So if you are wondering if you "need" a coaching, I challenge you to ask yourself what you would like to change about your finances. What's your picture of a financial "gold medal?" Are you there yet?

It's a common misunderstanding that financial coaching is only for people who are experiencing a crisis or who are irresponsible with their money. Nothing could be further from the truth! If you do happen to be struggling, that is okay too-- what counts is your commitment to your present and future.

Most of the time, my clients are already successful in their careers and other areas of life, but they want to make sure their financial habits and systems are top notch so their business and personal finances can thrive.

I believe the Bible is full of wisdom and knowledge on all things related to finances: how to invest wisely, how to be generous, how to enjoy your life, how to save, how to get out of debt, how to feel financially secure, and more! God truly has given us "everything required for life and godliness." (2 Peter 1:3) The Bible is our foundation and I take care to test everything I've learned about money with the Scriptures.(1 Thess. 5:21; 1 John 4:1) The Bible teaches us that all money belongs to God, that He blesses us with financial resources for our own needs and also to be generous to others, and that we are to manage finances wisely for His glory. That's a lot to unpack, and there are a lot of practical steps we can take to be Christlike in the way we handle money.

Some of those practical steps are to get out of debt, save intentionally for emergencies and short term expenses, to give as God allows us to give, and to invest prudently for the long term.

For businesses, the concept is similar, and I have found great value in employing the Profit First method for creating an organized, simplified system that drives profitability.

Profit First is a way to manage your business finances that I've found to be extremely practical and biblically aligned. The point of Profit First isn't to value profit at the expense of people or service (a common misconception from the provocative title) but to limit expenses to enable a financially healthy business. It's normal for business expenses to rise as revenue rises; this unfortunately leaves little if anything for the business owner. By placing a boundary around expenses, while setting aside money for taxes, owner pay, and profit, the business can thrive. Profit can be used for many things: to pay off debt, to donate, to pay bonuses, to build an emergency fund, even to hire another employee! Profit, like personal wealth, is a good thing when it's put to good use and when it's a result of wise stewardship and sound business practices.

Yes, coaching is available to individuals and couples seeking coaching solely for personal finances.

The primary difference is that we don't focus solely on giving you information, but also on your transformation. It's similar to reading a book about fitness versus working with a personal trainer. We uncover mindset shifts that are holding you back, provide accountability to your goals, and will give you guidance each step of the way that are specific to your situation. This dramatically increases the speed and magnitude of your results compared to taking a generic class. Coaching is truly an investment you make in yourself for those who want to achieve optimal outcomes.

The investment for business finance coaching starts at $3000 and up. The investment for personal finances starts at $1500. A precise plan and fee structure will be created for you in our consultation session to ensure the investment is in line with your expected financial outcomes and scope of coaching services.

My clients pay off an average of $15,000 of debt and save thousands for short-term expenses in just six months of coaching. We free up an average range of $500-$1000 in their budget to redirect to their goals in the first month. We reverse what I call the "car debt curse" so that you never have to have a car payment again (don't worry, this is not the "drive a beater forever" plan). And if you are already debt-free, we focus on aligning your income and wealth-building capacity with your values and priorities. Husbands and wives gain tools for communicating about money and get on the same page so their marriages are strengthened and their financial future is brighter.

For business owners, we get those finances organized so that you can open your bank account and know exactly what's going on in the business. No confusion or ambiguity about how much you need to make. We even out the ups and downs so you can take home a consistent paycheck, and we identify what aspect of the business to focus on to achieve the growth or stability you want to attain.

Please know that results vary by individual. What is average or typical may or may not apply to your unique situation. I do make guarantees of financial results.

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