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Hi, I’m Lauren

Little confession: I used to dread checking my bank account. If ignorance was bliss, then I was practically in heaven (spoiler alert: it wasn’t). I had no plan other than making it paycheck to paycheck and saving what I could whenever possible.

The one saving grace is that I was taught to avoid new debt. Once my college loans were paid off, I set out to complete grad school 100% debt-free, while making a teacher’s salary and while my husband was attending seminary full-time.

Two and half years later, we had paid our way through $30,000 of tuition, both graduated with masters degrees, managed to cash-flow an around the world move, survived two months of unemployment, AND celebrated the arrival of our twin daughters… all without debt!

I didn’t know exactly what curveballs life would throw at us, but God did. He generously provided as we learned how to be intentional with our money, finding joy in sacrificing momentary wants so there would be enough for our needs and biggest priorities. We learned first-hand how to budget for irregular income, how to live in “emergency fund mode,” how to save for big purchases, and how to financially navigate a path forward despite the unknowns.

The financial disciplines we learned gave us so much freedom, not only with money but with our life choices. I was able to stay home with the twins, for example, instead of going back to work immediately. This newfound passion for financial wellness led me to help family and friends, and eventually to complete formal training through Ramsey Solutions.

The funny thing about learning habits of discipline in one area of life is that you gain a transferrable skill that applies to just about any goal you have! I believe that money is never just about money. If we work together you’ll find that we spend a little time talking numbers and a lot more time talking about your values, dreams, strengths, and purpose! Only when you gain utmost clarity on what really matters can you effectively direct your financial resources to achieve your deepest ambitions.

Since 2016 I’ve had the privilege of empowering clients to live for their purpose instead of payments. It’s my honor to serve you.


To Your Success,


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