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Lauren’s passion for helping people achieve financial freedom began with her own story a decade ago when she and her husband, Kyle, set out to complete graduate school without any debt. Throw in an across-the-world move, a season of unemployment, welcoming twins into their family and living on a teacher’s salary, the journey was not without challenges, but it was also full of blessings.

Now with over five years of coaching experience and certifications from Ramsey Solutions and Profit First Professionals, Lauren’s mission is to equip Christian families and business owners to live in financial freedom. For followers of Christ, financial freedom is so much more than building a lifestyle; it’s about stewarding our resources of money, time, and talent so we can say “yes” to whatever God calls us to do!

Lauren loves making the abstract practical and the complex simple for her clients. She listens intently to each person to understand their needs and objectives, their dreams and their challenges. She believes that true financial transformation is an outgrowth of personal and spiritual transformation; therefore, she takes care to personalize each client’s coaching experience for remarkable, life-changing results that go beyond the numbers.




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