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Client Success Stories

I felt tied to my career by my outstanding medical school debt and so badly wanted the flexibility to cut back at work, so I could spend more time with my two young children. The mom guilt was heavy… With Lauren’s help, my husband I were able to create and stick to a budget that allowed us to pay off $120,000 worth of debt in 7 months. We are now debt-free and have continued to use the tools she taught us to allow our finances to rise up to meet our life goals. My only regret is that I wish we would have found Lauren sooner. She changed the trajectory of our lives, forever, and for that we are eternally grateful.

Jill and Mike

My wife and I have never been on the same page when it comes to money. Our finances have always been a point of contention and dissension in our marriage. Lauren’s coaching has literally changed our lives. For the first time in our marriage we have been a united front. Lauren has helped us look at the truth about our spending habits and helped us see a clear vision to a pathway to freedom. Lauren provides expertise and guidance. She has a gift for listening to her clients, affirming but also leading. To take a topic that my wife and I dreaded discussing and making it not only bearable but exciting has been life changing for our family. I highly recommend Lauren for financial coaching especially those who have struggled in this area and are looking for a way out.

Mayan and Angela

I was out of control with my spending. I was anxious all the time and I was borrowing money which was causing me more stress and anxiety. Lauren didn’t judge me, she just helped me find a better way to do things. Now I have paid off two loans and a credit card- no more minimum payments! I look at money differently and no longer live paycheck to paycheck.


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